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Minuum Keyboard is a keyboard app that offers two different ways to type. By default, there's the typical keyboard with letters and emoji, but if you slide it down, you can activate the minimalist keyboard, which is a much smaller keyboard designed for typing with one hand.

At first, typing with Minuum Keyboard may seem strange, which is why the app includes a tutorial to teach you how to use all its features in less than a minute. If you can't remember how to access something later, all you have to do is go to the settings and watch the tutorial again.

In the settings, you can also customize your keyboard. There are lots of different skins, as well as different sizes and layouts. You can also activate gestural shortcuts or even sounds and vibrations that play as you type.

Minuum Keyboard is a great Android keyboard that has a good number of quality features. Its main drawback is its large size (almost 50 megabytes) compared to other keyboards.
By Taryn
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Minuum, a virtual Android keyboard to use with one finger

There is little room for maneuver in the realm of virtual keyboards for Android. Swype was a giant step in terms of speeding up typing with text prediction, and was snapped up by many developers to create increasingly sophisticated and minimalist text-entry systems. Minuum takes that idea to an extreme with an ultracompact keyboard that’s much smaller than the tradition QWERTY and apt for users with fat, unprecise fingers. With all due respect to people with fat hands.
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Requires Android 4.0 or higher